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The Blood and Flame Saga

Every month, the great black dragon comes. Every month, a child is snatched. That's all the village of Kalma knows. But Semra was one of those children, and she knows the truth: there is a dragonlord in the mountain, raising the children into his own personal syndicate of assassins. When seventeen-year-old Semra learns they aren’t fighting evil but are in fact evil themselves, she risks everything to expose the dragonlord. As one young, nobody assassin against the king's security and an army of her former colleagues bent on her destruction, Semra must uncover the truth and save the royal family before the dragonlord rips them apart and plunges the kingdom into war.

SE Havener, Amazon reviewer

The Forgotten Stone

"Epic quest, found family, unlikely hero(es), and a twist that changes your perspective on everything!"

Amazon reviewer

Dragon's Kiss

"Can't put it down. An absolute sensational read."

Amazon reviewer

Crimson Queen

"Winters has consistently turned up the heat with every book in the series, but in Crimson Queen, the heat becomes an all consuming inferno that doesn’t stop burning until the very end - fitting for a series titled “The Blood and Flame Saga”.
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The Melderblood Chronicles

Princess Aviama’s world has been steeped in chaos ever since long-dormant magic returned – and came alive in her blood. Enemies to the north have summoned her to compete for the hand of their prince, an invitation she cannot refuse. Despite unstable powers, she is sent to keep the peace, gain the prince's trust, and discover the hostile kingdom's sinister plans. As rumors about the prince's hatred for magic melders spread, Aviama is forced to conceal her abilities while battling to defend her kingdom—amidst whispers of a murderous secret society. With threats on the rise, Aviama starts to wonder if she’ll ever earn the prince’s trust. But will she live long enough to find out? Shadow and Bone meets The Selection in this addictive, fast-paced YA fantasy adventure series.

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A clumsy tavern girl. A brutal society. One stone to save them both. When Enouim makes a mistake that angers the land’s most ferocious warrior, she flees for her life – only to accidentally wind up on a quest she is entirely unprepared for. Gorgenbrild, a society famed for its merciless warriors, is buckling under pressure. Trade routes have toppled one by one as enemies encircle the land. The renowned Canukke Topothain has been called forth to lead an elite band of warriors in a quest to find a legendary artifact that could turn the tide of the war. Canukke is less than enthused to find an unqualified addition to his cadre, and Enouim must prove her worth or be tossed aside. With home no longer an option, Enouim claims the mission as her own in hopes of following in her father’s footsteps and uncovering a long-lost truth. As Enouim faces dangers she never imagined, she is forced to consider that everything she was ever taught about life and honor may be wrong. Fans of The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia LOVE this epic fantasy adventure!

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