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Signed Copy: Melderblood

Signed Copy: Melderblood

Princess Aviama’s world has been steeped in chaos ever since long-dormant magic returned – and came alive in her blood.

Enemies to the north have summoned her to compete for the hand of their prince, an invitation she cannot refuse. Despite unstable powers, she is sent to keep the peace, gain the prince's trust, and discover the hostile kingdom's sinister plans.

As rumors about the prince's hatred for magic melders spread, Aviama is forced to conceal her abilities while battling to defend her kingdom—amidst whispers of a murderous secret society.

With threats on the rise, Aviama starts to wonder if she’ll ever earn the prince’s trust. But will she live long enough to find out?

Shadow and Bone meets The Selection in this addictive, fast-paced YA fantasy adventure series.

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