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Signed Copy: Wraithweaver

Signed Copy: Wraithweaver

Signed copy; typically ships within 2 weeks.

Hardcovers may take longer pending availability.

The enemy kingdom of Radha has set their sights on the sea. All hope of alliance is lost. And a forced concoction is limiting her powers.


Trapped on a ship with a bloodthirsty royal, a runaway prince, and a black-market swindler, Princess Aviama finds herself headed straight for Ghost’s Gorge—a passage no ship has survived for hundreds of years.

Radha’s elite melder guard is haphazard, but strong, and if Aviama doesn’t find a way to turn them or fight them, she’ll be forced to betray a friend and play a role in the exploitation of a siren.

But if she makes a deal with a cheat to save herself, will she sell her soul in the process?

    Paperbacks expected to ship by end of June; hardcovers may be delayed a bit pending shipping from printer.
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