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Signed Copy: Crimson Queen

Signed Copy: Crimson Queen

Magic is dead, but her enemies are using it. And a prophecy dooms her to fail.

When someone from her past kicks ex-assassin Semra out of the only place she calls home, she must race against the clock to thwart an ancient prophecy. An enemy is destined to unlock the bounds of magic, and if Semra fails, the magician will become unstoppable and the kingdom will fall. As Semra sets out to secure a weapon of legend, she is faced with her greatest questions yet: is forgiveness possible for a blood-stained ledger, and can someone with a dark past deserve authority?

With her insecurities and unstable new abilities in tow, Semra must lead the army to victory against enemy forces, a powerful magician, and a great dragonlord – or watch everyone and everything she loves die.

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