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I often have people reach out to me for help getting started in writing their own books, writing better books, forming a publishing company, marketing, and the like.

I LOVE IT! I love that I am approachable enough that people feel comfortable to reach out. I am honored that they saw something in me that they wanted to replicate, or that they loved my books enough that they respect my opinion on their own work—a little sliver of their heart and soul.

Sometimes a quick conversation will not resolve the needs, or I am strapped for time. In such circumstances it is often much better help guide in the right direction where a wealth of professional information is available. So I put this together just for you!


For you, nothing but the best of the best. Dive in.

Want to learn more about the business? About crafting a great story, increasing your marketing game, figuring out ad copy or blurbs or basically anything else at all?

20booksto50k has you covered. I'm not kidding. It's the best resource out there for authors, and the Facebook group has a WEALTH of knowledge you can search and explore, and if you can't find your answer, ask away.

Not on Facebook, or want to get more thorough professional help on a topic?

Click here to check out recorded sessions from the Vegas 20booksto50k conference.

I've spent copious amounts of time listening to Brandon Sanderson's BYU lectures on Youtube. You can do the same by clicking here, and I highly recommend you do.

Lectures sound too daunting? Don't have much time on your hands? First of all, maybe you do. Do you ever drive in the car? Scrimp and save for time. Carve out space for your learning. 

But also, click here for shorter clips from Sanderson.


Prepare to succeed just as much as you prepare to fail.

People often talk about bracing themselves for failure. "You know it might not work out, right? Better keep that day job..."

And sure. There's truth to that. Don't build a bridge without calculating the cost, right? But make sure you also set yourself up for success. Ask yourself what problems you will create by doing it halfway now, if the book takes off. What will you need to have in place by the time success finds you?

And then stop thinking success will find you. And go after it with your own two feet.

On that note, one thing that sometimes happens when people ask me for help is using me as their own personal Google.

Listen, friend, I've done my share of research papers. Research is my jam. But you have to be willing to do the work yourself.

I don't mean you can't ask questions. Absolutely, yes! But can Google answer it for you? Is it a simple question that anyone could find on their own? Publishing is a business. It's not easy. It's not for the faint of heart. Gear up. 

If a 5 minute Google search on where to find your ISBN or what ad copy means could solve it, well, start there. If you've researched and looked and you have the basics but now aren't sure about the particulars, ask your questions. Surround yourself with community and find out what others are doing in the genre you want to be in. 

How are the successful people doing it? Don't just email them all. Study them, and replicate those things that are applicable to you and your genre.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I've considered writing a book to help authors get started, but there are a lot of them already. Craig Martelle has quite a few, and he knows what he's talking about. I won't post the link. Google it. ;)

But I hope this will give you a springboard to swimming the sea of publishing. I want to see you succeed. I'm excited for you!

Do the work. Fix your mindset. And get going.

A rising tide lifts all boats. Writing ten words is more than zero. And if you learn one thing each day, you'll know seven things every week. Just like a slow, steady, consistent word count, it adds up.

You got this.

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